Wedding Party

Lisa Richmond

Maid of Honor

Lisa and Alex met during their very first night as Boston College students. She saw him holding a Kindle in the dorm basement and knew instantly they were kindred spirits. Lisa met Allison a few days later and soon they were not only hallmates but best friends! The three of them, affectionately known as the trio, spent most of their sophomore year together in the dorm's basement lounge, and spent an embarrassing amount of money on a delivery service that brought cookies to the dorm. Their adventures together continued throughout college as Lisa joined the LLanso (and LLanso-to-be!) family on vacation in Hawaii! One of Lisa’s favorite memories with Allison is Hawaiian sunrise paddleboard yoga during which the two collectively fell off their paddleboards about a hundred times over the course of an hour.

Lisa is an avid runner, having run four marathons. Alex and Allison spectated three of these and made her posters that still hang in her bedroom! Allison also jumped in to run with her twice, only being removed from the race by police officers once. When Lisa isn't running for sport, you can find her chasing after her puppy, Miles the Vizsla.

Carlos LLanso

Best Man

Carlos knows Alex and Allison quite well, having met Alex on March 8, 1994 (which may or may not have to do something with witnessing the birth of his own child). As his first child, Alex posed some interesting parenting challenges for Carlos from time to time. When Alex was about ten years old, Carlos noticed Alex's name carved on the window sill in his room. Carlos asked Alex why he did that. He looked straight at him and said “It wasn’t me.”

Carlos met Allison for the first time in October 2013. Carlos and his wife, Cathy, asked Alex to invite some friends to White Mountain Creamery after a BC Football game. Alex wouldn't allow the group to order ice cream because "his friend was in the band and would be coming shortly," and then kept glancing out the window. He knew something was afoot... and in walks Allison. One look at Alex's face- and he knew.

Carlos proudly knows all the words to the Star Spangled Banner (but no other song.... seriously). Accompany him to an NFL game, and you may be lucky enough to hear him sing it! He also memorized all the countires and their capitals at the age of 5, and will happily accept any challenges to this knowledge at the bar on June 22, 2019.

Brad Clark


Brad and Allison share about 50% of their genetic makeup (as well as two parents and a brother). Brad and Allison's adventures are endless, and more often then not end in belly-aching level laughter. They once tried to rescue a lost puppy wandering around their neighborhood, only to have the puppy have explosive diarrhea all over Brad the second they got the puppy into the car to drive him home. When visiting Allison's exchange town in Slovakia, Allison taught Brad how to order two white hot chocolates in Slovak ("dva krat bielu čokoládu prosim!"), which is still to this day the only thing he knows how to say in Slovak. Allison also visited Brad during a William's parents weekend and arrived about an hour before their parents, subsequently ironing posters on his bedroom floor to flatten them out after being rolled up for over 5 months, in order to decorate for their parents. Brad taught Allison how to beat box (poorly) and play the ukulele (also poorly), providing some fun instrument and vocal combinations for Clark-sibling jam sessions.

Brad knew Alex would fit well into the Clark sibling dynamic the first time they spent one-on-one bonding time together at a BC football game. Brad was borrowing a pair of Allison's sunglasses and dropped them into the stadium toilet. Alex just told Brad to return them to Allison without telling her (and he kept the secret until Allison starting probing for info for his bio). Brad also likes to pick on Alex's height, as he's bringing down the average height of the Clark Family by several inches, but always makes sure to apologize afterwards.

Libby LLanso


Libby is the youngest LLanso sibling, and the shortest member of our wedding party, topping out at 4'11" before she puts on her signature heels. Libby is a junior at Savannah College of Art and Design studying Fibers and a certified yoga instructor (if anybody wants to do a little yoga on wedding weekend, she's your girl!). She always trusts Alex to give her great advice on the latest and greatest technology trend, as well as to be her go-to fashion critic. If you know Libby, it's not uncommon to find her in some interesting outfits, and Alex has never been afraid to ask "what are you wearing?" or simply state, "that's weird." Libby is also the brains behind the #llansoinlove hashtag!

Libby had the pleasure of witnessing the engagement first hand! Alex brought her as a surprise for Allison to take photographs of the proposal. She hid inside the boathouse where he proposed for close to a half hour (in December, without heat!) The look on Allison’s face when she popped out was utter confusion! But then Allison saw Alex down on one knee and started to piece it together! Libby is so glad she got to celebrate that moment with them!

Matt Clark


Matt has known Allison since March 19, 1999 (funny how siblings work like that!). He first met Alex when Allison brought Alex to visit their home in York, PA during Matt's early high school years. As Matt says, "the only memory I have was that he seemed cool because he was able to help me build something in Minecraft." He and Allison get along ok, considering that he reminds her frequently that she had wished he was a girl before he was born. She got over it quickly though- after finding out her new sibling was going to be a boy, she simply retorted, "well, I guess I won't have to share MY toys!"

Matt is currently a sophomore at Skidmore College, and a member of the school's Quidditch team. He primarily plays the position of a Beater, where he runs around with a broom between his legs and tries to hit players on the other team with dodgeballs. However, wedding planning sometimes seems to happening in another universe for this college student. For the purpose of this bio, he wanted everyone to know: "Alex sent me a meat rub as part of asking me to be a groomsman. I live in a dorm and can’t cook. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with it besides use it as a decoration."

Sofia LLanso


Sofi is Alex's younger (and Allison's soon-to-be) sister! She's gotten to spend time with the couple as far east as Cape Cod and as far west as Hawaii. Alex, Allison, and Sofi are excited to be all living in Boston this year, and to get to spend lots of time together! Sofi even helped Alex and Allison move into their Cambridge apartment in torrential downpour (but is hoping the wedding day won't be a repeat of trudging through the rain!). One of Sofi's favorite moments of their relationship was waiting with Alex for Allison's ring to arrive in the mail and seeing his eager anticipation when he opened the lid of the ring box for the first time!

Sofi recently graduated from Bowdoin College and is working as an Account Manager for Lovepop Cards. She's also a Pure Barre instructor, and a huge baker famous for her chocolate chip cookies. In true display of sisterly love, she always makes sure to make Alex some chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips.

Emily Carroll


Emily and Allison first met when the Boston College Housing Fates brought them together in the spring of 2014, when they were both looking for an on-campus roommate for their junior year. Their adventures as roommates ranged from creative cooking to backed-up kitchen sinks, and they even shared ownership of a Beta fish named Percy throughout their two years as roommates. They have a horrible tendency to stay up well past 2 AM chatting, which while great for their friendship was not necessarily great for 9 AM classes.

Emily and Allison knew their friendship was meant to be when they started to learn more about each other's families. Allison's mom is also named Emily, and Emily's sister is also named Allison. They both also have younger brothers named Matt. She's officially employed as a consultant for RSM, but that's only because she can't find anybody to pay her to take spin classes and watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette. If you hear of anybody who'd pay for that gig, let Emily know!

Melissa Clark


In the absense of sisters of her own, Allison considers her cousins Melissa (and her sister Natalie) her surrogate sisters. Growing up, they used to stage dance parties for their families and take "educational leave of absenses" from school all and visit historical sights up and down the east coast. In adulthood, they've made it a mission to attend all of each other's high school/college graduations and conquer every escape room in Minneapolis. Melissa is a nurse working with adult med-surg patients, but she has a side gig running an Etsy shop for her crafting and modern calligraphy. She's also cat mom to her rescue kitty, Elsa, and can quote most episodes of Gilmore Girls in their entirety.

The Clarks spent Christmas together right before Alex proposed, and Melissa was picking up on little hints all throughout the trip that something sparkly might be coming Allison's way! Aunt Emily made them all get their nails done, and Uncle Chris picked a wedding planning book as his White Elephant Gift, all of which seemed a little suspicious to Melissa at the time. Now that the cat's out of the bag, Melissa is just hoping Allison's bachlorette party goes a little more smoothly than her sister, Natalie's did. (Allison destroyed Melissa's Uber rating during that trip - see Natalie's bio for the full details).

Andrew Cross


Alex and Andrew are cousins, and grew up down the street from one another. They also share a middle name, "MacGregor," which was passed down to them from their grandfather. His favorite memories with Alex were growing up spending their summer vacation at Cape Cod together, when they were put in charge of building the fire pit for our 4th of July bonfire.  Alex, Andrew, Chris, and Joe would fish through their grandfather's scrap wood, walk up and down the beach looking for driftwood, and dig out a huge pit. It may sound like a chore to some, but those fires were some of their favorite childhood memories. It's only fitting that many years later, Allison and Andrew would meet for the first time at Cape Cod as well!

Andrew recently graduated from Northeastern University and moved to Tuscon, Arizona, where he's working as a Material Program Manager at Raytheon Missile Systems. A true Boston sports fan, Andrew's hoping for a rendition of "Sweet Caroline" at the wedding reception!

Zachary Gilmore


Zach (far right) and Alex became close friends in high school, bonding in Señor Nicole's Spanish class. They ran a matball team named "Prestige Worldwide" (Step Brothers, anybody?) together in high school, even getting matching t-shirts for the team. Zach and Allison first met a few months after Alex and Allison began dating, when Alex and Allison popped in on Zach working at the local Rite Aid. Allison slapped a box of tampons on the counter for Zach to ring up, looked him dead in the eye, and said "Nice to meet you!" She's had his seal of approval ever since.

One of Zach's favorite memories with Alex was the day he realized his dream of attending DECA Nationals in Orlando, Florida was crushed. After his essay qualified him to attend the State conference, Alex helped Zach construct his tri-fold for the final presentation on the bus to the conference. Results were as expected. Zach placed last in the entire state, and neither he nor Alex got to go to Orlando.

Zach is owed a round of "Happy Birthday" at the wedding, as his birthday will become Alex and Allison's anniversary! Make sure to wish him a happy birthday at the reception!

Renee Graff


Renee and Allison first met on the school bus in 2004, as 4th and 5th graders, respectively. In high school, they became best friends through their time in the flute section of the high school marching band, French class, and their shared love of "So You Think You Can Dance". The high school adventures they shared are endless. They sucessfully managed to pass notes in different sections in the same classrooms for months on end. Renee witnessed The Great Pants Rip of 2011, when Allison was trying to show off to some friends and do a high kick over someone's head and ended up splitting her pants right down the seam of the butt. Thankfully, a sweatshirt tied around the waist saved the evening. Renee also made Allison's prom dress, and didn't finish it in time for Prom night so ended up directly sewing Allison into the dress. Her fashion design skills have led her to become a designer for Marine Layer.

The wedding weekend will not be Renee's first visit to Lake George- she joined the Clarks for vacation in the summer of 2012, when Allison's aunt's boat broke down in the middle of the lake. Renee and Allison swam to the middle of the lake on a giant inflatable hot dog intertube to flag somebody down for a tow back home.

Chris Heelan


Chris has yet to submit his bio, so Alex and Allison have taken the liberty of writing it for him. Please enjoy.

Chris is Alex's oldest cousin on his mom's side of the family. One of Alex's earliest memories of Chris was when Chris was in middle school, he declared to the entire family that he wanted to become a DJ. That year, he got turntables and "bling" for Christmas.

Despite his DJ apsirations, Chris settled with receiving the following degrees: Bachelor of Biomedical Enginering, Cum Laude and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, Cum Laude, Master of Electrical Engineering, Master of Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship, Doctor of Philslophy, PhD, Electrical Engineering. His LinkedIn Profile also proudly states that he received a perfect score on the SAT math section. Look out for Chris's big head on the dance floor. Otherwise, you can find him anti-socially checking the current value of Bitcoin on his phone in the corner.

Joe Heelan


A man of few words, I think Joe's answers to our wedding-website-bio-building questions best speak for themselves.

How do you know Alex and Allison? Cousin
When did you first meet Alex and Allison? At his birth
How long have you known Alex/Allison? 24 years
What is your job? (if applicable) Engineer
What is a fun fact about yourself? I've had 16 teeth pulled
What is your favorite memory with Alex and/or Allison? Cape house memories (swimming, bonfires, video games in small house, throwing rocks at birds)
Any funny story/quote you have about Alex and Allison’s wedding planning so far?
After slicing a golf ball deep into the woods, Alex bet my Dad something like $1000 bucks he could still par the hole at the age of maybe 13. Alex hit a miracle shot out of the trees followed by a 40 foot putt. It was probably one of his few pars in life. My dad actually paid up Anything else our wedding invitees should know about you? Alex and I have the same birthday  

Ben McNally


Nobody can put an exact date on when Ben and Alex first became friends- they grew up within walking distance of one another and we’re close friends all through elementary, middle, and high school. As tends to be the case with lifelong friendships, there are endless stories that are bio-worthy. Alex introduced Ben to the Theater in 7th grade, when Alex, Ben, and Alex’s cousin Mary Catherine played a close-knit trio of characters in their school’s production of “You Ain’t Nothing but a Werewolf.” Ben was the mad scientist and Alex was his hunch-backed minion.

Sports also play a large role in their friendship. Ben grew up attending BC Football games with Alex and his family, helping to grow his BC Football fandom. Ben and Alex also both tried out for the 8th grade basketball team In an unexpected turn of events, and Alex made the cut while Ben did not. Alex went on to warm the bench and never play organized sports again, while Ben became a varsity athlete in high school. Ben considers his NFL football knowledge to be superior to Alex’s, but Alex is the 3 time defending champ of their dynasty fantasy baseball league (although Ben hopes he will have usurped Alex’s title by the time he wedding roles around).

Ben has only flown on an airplane three times in his life (the second time being when he and Zach came to visit Alex and Allison in the Windy City). Ben was also 2 weeks late to submit his bio, despite Alex and Allison reminding him 5 times. He likes to think he was just saving the best for last. 

Kate Norcross


Kate and Allison were randomly assigned to be roommates when they both worked at Silver Bay, YMCA of the Adirondacks during the summer of 2013 (which is only about 25 miles up the lake from where Alex and Allison are tying the knot!). Despite never having met each other before, everybody assumed they were cousins, as they shared somewhat similar features. These roommates became fast friends, as Kate introduced Allison to running and Allison introduced Kate to Slavic languages. They've since run three half marathons together, and still wish each other "Dobru noc!" every single night, 5 years later!

By June 22, 2019, Kate will have recieved her PhD in Medieval Studies from the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana. When she's not writing (and we always ask her, why do you write like you're running out of time?), you can find her leading worship band, practicing her banjo, casually running crazy long distances, dueling with foam swords, or procrasti-baking.

Natalie Weyrauch


Natalie is the oldest, yet the shortest, Clark cousin. The cousin bond runs deep for Allison and Natalie- from dance parties in matching sequin-covered denim jackets to stuffing their faces with pizza after running a marathon, these two can't seem to limit their fun. Natalie is a Consultant for Slalom Consulting by day, but a full time baker, runner, and "The Office" superfan by night. She spent two months backpacking through southeast Asia this summer with her husband Sam, crossing six new countries off their bucket list.

Natalie's returning the favor, as Allison was a bridesmaid in her wedding last summer. During Natalie's bachelorette party in Vail, CO, Allison got altitude sickness within the first 12 hours. It wasn't pretty. Natalie had to impersonate her on the phone with her health insurance company, and was so panicked she got her birth date wrong and had to call back 3 times.  Natalie's sister, Melissa (see above) Ubered with her to Urgent Care (and of course she puked - in a bag- during the ride), and as she's puking, the doctor gives her the advice to "Not travel any higher," and "Not drink alcohol during your stay." As soon as the doctor leaves the room, Allison lifted her pale face and weakly dismissed his advice--"Pshhh. Not doing that."
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